Don’t Make these Common YouTube Mistakes

YouTube can be a great source for traffic to any site, but not when people make fatal mistakes. Follow these tips to make sure you are not an entrepreneur who makes one of these deadly mistakes. The top 4 common YouTube mistakes you want to avoid! Looking at the Screen, Not the Camera This is […]

Time Wasters – What Are They and How to Avoid Them

Working from home is very challenging. Motivating yourself and managing your time can be two big downfalls in a work at home environment. To keep yourself from falling into these traps you need to eliminate time wasters to be productive and profitable. You can probably think of a few obvious time wasters off the top […]

Are You A Flake When It Comes To Customer Follow Up?

When it comes to marketing it is very important that you don’t become a follow up flake. Whether you believe you are a follow up flake or not doesn’t matter, you should always be working on your follow up marketing plan to make sure you stay away from the follow up flake trap! Don’t worry […]

Are You Turning Off Your List with Your Emails?

Unfortunately as much as half of the customer follow up mistakes are made by marketers who have the best intentions at heart.  Here are some of the most common things that need to be tweaked in many marketers’ follow up marketing plans. Looking for Money If you only send out emails when you are about […]

Beware of Spelling Mistakes and Sloppy Websites

You need to put your best foot forward on your website when you’re an online business because this is your storefront. It is the first thing people see that highlights your business. So you need to make a good first impression. Sloppy websites can cost you money. You might be tempted to set your website […]

3 Easy Steps to Launch an Email Marketing Campaign

If you are going to sell anything by email, then you need a superb email marketing campaign. A campaign is a series of emails going out to your list and lists of your partners promoting a product. Here are the 3 easy steps to launch an email marketing campaign. Step 1: Identify and Recruit Partners […]

Marketing Tips for a Successful Blog

To write a successful blog you need to be consistent as well as methodical. Being a success at blogging will not happen overnight, but if you follow these marketing tips you’ll start to see results and you’ll know you’re on the right track relatively quickly. Here’s how to start and maintain a successful blog. Post […]

Get New Clients NOW

Do you have a business that was once growing but seems to be at a standstill now? If so, you might be wondering what can I do to get new clients? Here are some ways to help you get new clients right now. Clients are the backbone of a business. They are the ones who […]

Webinars Make Good Marketing Tools

If you’re an entrepreneur and are not using webinars for marketing; what are you waiting for? They’re simple and easy to use, but have a powerful impact on your audience. Why are webinars such powerful instructing and communication devices? Lets People Meet the Real You Reading is completely different from seeing your face and hearing […]

Can I Increase Traffic to my Website with Splash Pages?

Splash Pages – beautiful introductory pages, containing almost no text, but making up for it with a spectacular graphic or animated Flash movie.  Are these Splash Pages really effective at increasing website traffic? Any web designer worth his own salt would undoubtedly tell you, “Yes, of course!” because they are graphic-minded people just like any […]