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If you’re an entrepreneur and are not using webinars for marketing; what are you waiting for? They’re simple and easy to use, but have a powerful impact on your audience.

Why are webinars such powerful instructing and communication devices?

Lets People Meet the Real You

Reading is completely different from seeing your face and hearing your voice. This gives you the opportunity to let people see how excited you truly are about your product!

Webinars are great because they are unedited. It’s not like a video product, where you can work on it and get it perfect, the webinar will never look as smooth.

This is actually a good thing. People get to know the unedited version of you. Depending on how your webinar is set up they get to know you through your voice and your video.

The Benefit of Multimedia Presentations

Webinars are using a whole bunch of media at once.

If you choose you can have video coming in from your webcam. You will have audio from your microphone.

But you also will most likely have a slide presentation or syllabus to lead your audience through your presentation. This will help to add structure and flow to the lesson.

You can also have websites or live demos to show. Some of your presentation can contain pre-recorded clips.

Not like with text or podcasts. Webinars offer you many different kinds of media to take advantage of.

Build Trust with Two-Way Conversations

With webinars not only does your audience get to see your reaction and enthusiasm in real time, but you also can see what kind of reactions your audience is having to your materials.

You can have people send in questions ahead of time and you can answer them during the webinar.

Maybe you’ll have a chat set up in the webinar that’s visible to participants and the organizer. Here you can take the questions directly from the chat and answer them during your webinar.

Connections are built when the audience can see you addressing their concerns in real time. They know you’re really listening and want to hear their thoughts and concerns about things.

Having this two-way conversation built into your webinar can really help improve your connection to your audience.

High Sales Potential

Webinars are powerful sales tools. After you have informed and gotten your clients excited in your webinar, your listeners are going to be exceptionally open minded to your sales pitch.

Make them an offer they can’t refuse and you’ll instantly see a rush of sales come in.

Webinars are such a great marketing tool for building trust and credibility, which pays dividends in the end. They can take time to set up your first few times, but once you’ve done a webinar a few times, it’s very easy to repeat the process. And why wouldn’t you do it if it’s will help you bring in more sales immediately?

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