When it comes to marketing it is very important that you don’t become a follow up flake. Whether you believe you are a follow up flake or not doesn’t matter, you should always be working on your follow up marketing plan to make sure you stay away from the follow up flake trap!

Don’t worry if you are a follow up flake because they come in all shapes and sizes.

The Missing Link of Customer Follow Up

Each and every one of the people previously described are all missing one fundamental thing when it comes to email marketing tools…

That one thing is a follow up marketing Plan. Yes, you read that right Follow Up Marketing “Plan” with a capital “P”.

It doesn‘t matter if you are an experienced marketer or a novice marketer, if you are brilliant or easily distracted. Creating a simple Follow Up Marketing Plan will only help you anticipate:


It will also help you analyze:

What’s Stopping Your Customer Follow Up Plan?

No one wants to be a customer follow up flake whether intentionally or unintentionally. Making contact with a new customer only to later ignore them and drive them away just does not make good business sense.

Here are 3 of the biggest common objections to creating a follow up marketing plan:

1. Lack of time.

The fact is you are not lacking time, but rather a plan. A proper follow up marketing plan this will actually save you time and increase your profits.

To keep you from feeling short on time make sure you focus on the project at hand and don’t go jet setting off into the next marketing campaign. Following up can easily be responsible for well over half your total sales. So if you’re always moving onto the next big thing before you finish the last, then you really are being flakey.

2. “It’s a waste of my time!”

If you really do feel a follow up marketing plan is a waste of your time, then you just might be a follow up flake. Refer back to #1 for why you need a follow up marketing plan.

I could go on and on about time, but really I think it’s best said above.

3. “It’s too hard…”

Rest assured if this is how you think, then you are not a flake,. You’re probably just a newer marketer or just inexperienced. Creating a good solid balanced marketing plan is easier than you think.

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