Different Types of Virtual Event Sponsors

Sponsorships are one way to monetize your virtual event. A sponsor is someone who pays to participate in your event. How they pay and how involved they are is up to you. The more appealing you can make your sponsorship packages the more money you’ll make. Before we start with sponsorship packages, let’s talk about […]

Affiliate Marketing Guide: How to Use Positive Linking Strategies

When you think of linking strategies, you probably don‘t think about any of the legalities of it. There are many different theories and rules on the Internet and it’s important that you are aware of which ones could get you into trouble. Here are a few affiliate marketing tips on linking strategies to remember when […]

Affiliate Marketing Guide: Creating Maximum Traffic Flow to Your Site

You already learned the basics of making money with affiliate marketing programs. This affiliate marketing guide will give you what you need to create a website designed for maximum traffic flow. The number one affiliate marketing tip to increase traffic flow is that you only promote one product per page. This way it’s clear to […]