Sponsorships are one way to monetize your virtual event. A sponsor is someone who pays to participate in your event. How they pay and how involved they are is up to you. The more appealing you can make your sponsorship packages the more money you’ll make. Before we start with sponsorship packages, let’s talk about what it takes to attract a profitable sponsor.


#1 Great Content

It’s essential that you have the content for your virtual event well planned out. To attract a sponsor the content needs to be valuable and top quality. It just doesn’t make sense to repeat information that’s already been taught a hundred times over by other providers. Take a unique approach to your topic or dig deep and provide actionable value to potential attendees.

#2 Relevant Content

The topic of your virtual event needs to be relevant to your sponsors. There are actually website services that match sponsors with events. Sponsoring an event that is in a complimentary or supplementary niche is good business and can generate profits for everyone involved. The key is to make sure you are attracting the right potential sponsors.

#3 Supporting Sponsors

Another thing that will attract, or repel, potential sponsors is your other sponsors. As a business you want to be associated with other quality businesses. If you see a sponsor that you don’t respect or want to be associated with, you’ll pass on that opportunity.

#4 Great Sponsorship Packages

Finally, keep in mind that sponsors like to be able to choose their level of involvement. They want to see a variety of sponsorship packages. Consider creating different levels of involvement. For example;
* Silver – Banner ad, bonus reports, and link to promotional video
* Gold – Banner ad, bonus reports, and embedded promotional video along with an interview or a guest spot during the event.
* Platinum – Premier presentation spot during the live event along with the banner ad, bonus reports, and embedded promotional video.
This is just an example of a potential sponsorship package that you can create. Consider the levels of involvement in your event as well as potential representation. For example, you might be able to get a number of entry level sponsors who want to promote their opt-in and use your event to build their lists.
You might also attract several sponsors who want the opportunity to present at your event and have more high level involvement. You get to choose. You also get to choose how you make money. When you create your sponsorship packages, you can agree to a flat fee or you might ask for a percentage of sales or a pay per click situation. Consider what might be most appealing to your potential sponsors and how you want to monetize the event.