You might be surprised how much work goes into planning, hosting, and cleaning up after a live event. You’re undoubtedly more than capable of doing all the work. However, there are many very good reasons why you shouldn’t.


1. Your Time is Valuable

Yes, putting on a live event is a business building endeavor, and it makes great sense for you to have input into the project. However, your time is too valuable to spend it on time consuming tasks that don’t generate a direct profit. Take a look at your weekly list of tasks. Which of them generate money and which of them merely consume your time? Outsource the time consuming tasks and spend your attention where it’s most needed.

2. You’re Not Great at Everything

Sorry, hope that doesn’t hurt your feelings. You’re not the world’s best at everything. And you want your customers and prospects to have the best experience possible, right? Leverage the skills, knowledge, passion and experience of others. Find people who are exceptional at what they do and contract with them to help you. For example, are you great at writing sales copy? Most folks aren’t; it’s a specialty skill. Hire a copywriter so you can get the most from your event. Hire technical experts, administrative assistants and other people who can complement your skills and help you put on a memorable event.

3. Give Your Prospects What They’re Worth

If you’re trying to do everything yourself one of a few things can happen. You can become so tired of the whole thing that some of the steps are lackluster. There really is a significant amount of planning and work that goes into an event. You may also feel a bit overwhelmed and not be able to focus on the details. Steps can be missed when you’re going to do everything yourself. An assistant, or a team of people, can help make sure that nothing is missed.

4. Repeatable Success

Build a great team for your first event and they can help you repeat the process. You can create a system of hosting live events every quarter. With a great team you’ll literally only have to make a few tweaks to your last event in order to recreate your success. A team helps you streamline your systems and create a pattern of achievement.

5. Focus on Your Strengths

You bring unique skills and strengths to your business. When you get help from others to plan and create your event, you’re able to spend your time focusing on what you do best.
As an entrepreneur, it’s your job to be the leader, innovator, and manager. You don’t have to do everything yourself to retain control over the outcome. Use your business building skills to plan and manage your event. Find the right people to help you and lead them to an event everyone will be talking about.