When planning for your first webinar, what things do you need to consider? Here are the basic elements of what you need to think about when planning a webinar.

What is Your Purpose:

If you want to have a successful webinar, you first need to define the purpose of your webinar. Do you want to teach, inform, market your product or service or a combination of these? Do you know which products or services you want to promote through your webinar? What will you be talking about during your webinar?

Be specific about what product or service you want to promote. Come up with a detailed description to get your audience excited about your product/service.

If you have more than one product, you can bundle related products into packages. If possible, try to create more than one package so you can offer an inexpensive one and a more expensive one. You’ll be able to reach people that want all you have to offer and others that can’t afford to spend more than your one product.

Who is Your Target Market:

Know your audience. You can’t reach everyone!

To give an effective presentation on your webinar, you need to know exactly what your target market wants. If your audience is small business owners, make sure you are talking in words and examples that they can relate to.

An Example:

I worked with a client whose target market were people looking for jobs in the federal government. She had been working in that industry in Human Resources for years so she knew her stuff. The way the economy is now, people wanted job security. She chose a great target market because it was specific to people who thought working for the federal government meant job security.

Her product was a series of classes to help people understand the whole process of applying for a federal job. There were certain things that you had to know like how to read the job listings and how to write your resume in the way that fulfilled the requirements of the job based on your experience.

When promoting her product, she had 800+ people register for her webinar. We had so many people asking questions on her webinar that she wasn’t able to answer any of them due to all the information she had to present. I know she had a lot of emails in her inbox to reply to!

Always Provide Value!

You will want to provide more valuable information that people would want to hear during the webinar instead of a whole hour of a sales pitch. You want your audience to be informed, inspired, and then motivated to take action by your webinar.