In addition to supporting my clients, one of my minor goals this year is to continue to learn new things, especially techie type things. One of the classes I was looking for was more technical training on WordPress.

When assisting clients set up their websites, they usually have special requests on what they’d like to see on their sites. I work a lot with WordPress sites and I always like to learn new things on customizing a WordPress site.

This year, I am taking a series of training classes with a great teacher, Lynette Chandler, to teach me all the techie stuff that I need to know. I have taken her classes before and when she offered her Tech Based Training classes this year, I Just had to sign up!

Here’s a list of classes that she’s offering and I’ll be learning:

Besides these classes, she is open to teaching other classes that we would like to see. I’ve already attended the CSS 101 and Wishlist Membership site classes and it’s only the beginning of 2012. The price of the class is way more than reasonable! I think she should be raising her prices if she adds any more classes.

Another perk that I like about Lynette’s classes is that she is willing to answer other questions outside of the class topic and help us out with any problems that we might have with any clients’ sites. Now, what class could you attend and get that kind of support?

If any of you are interested in taking her classes, you can go to her site TechBasedTraining and check it out.  You won’t regret it!

As your virtual assistant, I continue to learn what the latest products are out there and the benefits and features that clients may want to take advantage of.