For the last ten years, email newsletters have been one of the most powerful tools available to internet business owners. Today, social media is making its way into the limelight as a powerful tool to be used.

How do you get your email newsletters to be shared on social media?

Here are a few tips.

Important: Have Your Newsletter on Your Site

Some people might email your newsletter to others, but having it sharable with Facebook or LinkedIn on your site gets it to many more people with just one click of the mouse. In order to do this you need to have a version of the newsletter on your site.

Some will even just send short teasers out in their newsletters to get people to their site where the full newsletter is posted. The benefit of this is two fold because not only are you making it easier to share, you are getting more traffic to your website as people have to actually click to get the good stuff.

Useful, Controversial, Funny and/or Timely Content

Be original but relevant when you post content. Posts that are controversial and against the grain are intriguing. Be humorous if it doesn’t go against your brand. Finally, post about topics that are current and related to current events in your industry and in the world.

Remember you are trying to create content that you want people to pass on. So it needs to be unique and intriguing for people to want to share it with other people. No one likes sharing something that everyone has already seen a million times.

Think about the types of posts you share with others. Ask yourself why that was so sharable.

What about your friends? What kind of content are they sharing? Try to figure out why they thought it was sharable and keep that in mind when creating your posts.

Finally, look at people in your niche. What kind of posts do they find share worthy?

What you’ll likely find is that among your friends, the funny or newsy content tends to gets shared. Clients or businesses you’ll find will share useful or controversial content about industry topics.

Getting Passed On in Social Networks

Sometimes it’s just as simple as asking people to share. It might not occur to people, but your content might be good enough that they would consider passing it on.

Don’t do this all the time, but asking for re-tweets or shares on Facebook every once in a while can’t hurt.

In summary, make sure you have a copy of your email newsletter on your site so it can be passed on. Post useful, controversial, funny or timely content. Occasionally ask your readers to pass on a particularly good article to their friends.

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