Too Busy? 4 Questions To Ask Yourself…

“Help me! I’m too busy and something needs to change…”

I get it. Being ‘too busy’ is really not sustainable. It won’t serve you nor your clients. Being too busy may even be getting in the way of you growing your business. 

The good news? You can still fix this by asking yourself the following questions.

Question 1: Does this particular task or tasks really need to be done? (If yes, now or later?)

Isn’t it true that as business wonders, we often have tasks on our various to-do lists that either:

Once you accomplish answering this question, you’ll be left with a list of tasks that are soon due and those that aren’t due yet, or those that got crossed off the list because they are just simply ideas. 

Question 2: Should I be the one to do this?

Jus like most business owners, you might be feeling a little too overwhelmed with everything. You are good at what you do. It has always been you who do everything in your business. But now, things are piling up and things are falling through the cracks. 

Go through your list again and honestly ask yourself – Can this be done by someone else other than me? When you answer, be aware of the following :

“Of course, technically, this can be done by someone else, however, I am a solopreneur so I have no choice but do it all myself. If this is true for you, know that you also have the power to change this. Growth dictates that you must hire help at some point – the sooner the better. 

“No one can do it as well as I can do it – so I have no choice but to do it myself.”  If you are in this situation, and you happen to believe it to be true, this will be your greatest hindrance to business growth. You probably are the best at what you do, but that doesn’t mean no one else can be trained to do it as well as you. We can help you delegate the tasks on your to-do list so you can take care of that aspect of your business that can help you scale and grow. 

We have a simple goal to reach  – be able to identify the things that you can delegate. You don’t have to do it now or tomorrow but the sooner the better. Plan ahead for getting more support (which becomes a light at the end of the busy tunnel!)

Question 3: Is there a way to create more space?

I have two tips for you:

Question 4: Are the deadlines negotiable?

If it really is needed, revise deadlines with your clients, or team members, or whoever may be waiting on you to finish a certain task. Owning up to something ahead of time is better than upsetting people who are waiting. 

Asking these 4 questions is reusable. Answer them anytime you feel overwhelmed by the day-to-day tasks of your business. Should you need help delegating tasks and making sure you only focus on growing your business, check out how we can help you here: