Seven Reasons Why You May Be Disorganized


Being disorganized can lead to the downfall of your business, and if your family and your business go hand-in-hand, it may lead to a chaotic family life as well. Simply put, if you are disorganized, you will definitely become stressed. You are late on your deadlines, everyone is also always late to their appointments, and worse, you never tend to know where or when to begin and aren’t even ready to begin when you should already begin.


When  you are disorganized, it can affect your health. And when you are always stressed, it will definitely affect the quality of your life.. So do you think you’re disorganized? Below could be some of the reasons for your behavior: 


1. You Don’t Have a System

Have you had a job before that already had systems in place? Wasn’t that better? Everything had a purpose and tasks were scheduled according to priorities.  Do the same for your business. 


2. You Don’t Have the Right Space

If you run a business without the proper space you need, that would be a big problem. Having an entire office space is not necessary if you’re just starting out. Simply having a table for your laptop and a little cabinet for your files is enough to start. The right space can also include the space on your computer since many offices run paperless now.


3. You Lack Focus

Have a specific thing to focus on. Otherwise, you’ll end up doing a bunch of little things and never finishing anything significant. Find a way to place your focus on each task until you have an end result. That is the most important thing.


4. You Have Too Much on Your Plate

When you have too much to do, the tendency is to get disorganized. We all only have twenty-four hours in any given day.If you are overwhelmed, hire an assistant. Filter the tasks you hate doing and delegate them to people who love doing them, and can even do them better, and for a fraction of what you spend doing them.  Time is gold; time has value. Focus instead on the tasks that you love to do that help you make more money. 


5. You Tend to Procrastinate

Many people believe that when they’re on a  tight deadline, they can work better because of the pressure.  But, it’s simply not true. They would have done a lot better if they focused on one thing, one at a time rather than multitasking. If you also tend to procrastinate and put things off until the last minute, you need to know why you’re being this way. It most probably is a symptom of a more serious problem.


6. You Think Multitasking Is Good

We used to believe that multitasking is awesome or should even be emulated. Now we know that this is actually not true based on numerous scientific studies. 


7. You Are a Poor Decision Maker

Those who are disorganized are also more often than not poor decision makers. It takes so much time for them to come up with a decision that someone else gets to make it for them.  They rely on what they think are easy and quick decisions to lay one more pile of paper on the desk simply because they cannot decide what file or folder it belongs to, and most probably don’t even have a folder or shelf for it yet.


You can learn to be organized. Try picking one thing at a time to work on each month. Make a plan for 30 days to follow, and then just keep adding to it the following month. If you try very hard and still have trouble succeeding, you can hire virtual assistants that can help you. They’re already experts in administrative tasks and organization and all you have to do is focus on things that really matter to you and your business.