time management

How to manage your time effectively? If you’re like a lot of business owners I know, you work hard, play hard.

When you’re working – you’re working your butt off and your days are non-stop GO GO GO. And when you’re in Play mode you really don’t want business occupying your mind.

So, what’s the best way to get stuff done when you’re feeling too busy?

So, how to manage your time effectively? Here are 3 things that help financial advisors stay sane and end the day feeling ready for relaxation…

1) How to manage your time effectively? Get it Out of Your Head.

Isn’t it exhausting to keep thinking about things you need to do? Carrying all of your to-do’s around fills up your brain and takes up valuable mental energy. Having to constantly stop to think ‘what’s next?’ or having that moment of ‘oh no! I forgot this!’ is actually more tiring as compared to doing the work itself.

The most important time management habit is to download everything from your brain into an online task/project management tool. That’s one good way on how to manage your time effectively.

Does the thought of a PM tool hurt your head even more? When you have the right team in place they can help get everything out of your head and into the appropriate place in your business – along with specific due dates and work delegated to others. Now your brain is free and clear to do what you do best. 

2) What brings in the money? Focus on that. 

If you are anything like the business owners I speak with, you have many days with SO much stuff on your plate that you simply can’t decide what to do next. When faced with a mountain of to-dos ask yourself this simple question:

What’s closest to the money?

Choose the top 3 things that you know will bring in the income  then get them done FIRST. Doing it this way will make you realize that some of those things on your to-do list don’t come close to actually bringing in the money even if they feel urgent.

3) Be RELENTLESS with delegation.

I’m sure you have a to-do list as long as the day. Take a hard look at your list and then ask yourself:

“Should I be the one to do this? Am I the only capable person to do this task?”

If you tend to be a control freak, then as a default you will say yes. You know you’re the best person to do it, you know all the ropes, but then again, do you have the time for it? Probably no. 

Believe me, I know this story well. But there comes a time when that simply isn’t sustainable, and not what’s best for your business. There comes a time not delegating gets in the way of progress – of doing the work that really matters. 

If you aren’t sure how to manage your time effectively or what you should be doing yourself vs. what you should delegate, check out our services at https://yourvirtualservices.com/services/. We’d love to help you!