How to afford the help you need? Business owners who think about hiring team members for the first time usually ask themselves:

“How can I afford the help I need?”

It almost always will feel like a stretch when you are hiring – especially when it’s your first VA.

There are 2 perspectives to this scenario:

As an expense


As an investment

If you see hiring as an expense, you will always worry about the money it’s costing you so of course you will feel like you are losing money. This perspective is wrong. 

So what you do is to look at hiring as an investment. See it through the lens of ‘how will my new team member bring more money into my business’? 

We’re not talking about literally bringing money into your business unless your new hire is a sales or marketing agent.

We just mean that each team member must free up some of your precious time so you can spend more energy on things that scale and grow your business. So how to afford the help you need? Be a real CEO of your own company. That way, hiring others will be seen as an investment because it gives you back more time to strategize on how to bring in more money for your business. 

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