Follow These 6 Tips to Help You Build a Great TeamDo you want to have a more productive and prosperous business? The first step that you must take is to build a great team. This group of people that you will build would comprise both specialists and experts and those who can manage monotonous and repeatable tasks. The next step would be creating and optimizing your management systems and processes. The following tips and pieces of advice will help you manage your team with ease.

1. Establish The “Why,” Not Just The “What” and “How”

If we see certain things that are not so important, we tend to be lax about it. When your team members are assigned tasks but they don’t know the “why” of what they’re doing, they will be complacent about it. You won’t get exceptional, truly creative and amazing solutions.
It is important that every member of your team recognizes the fact that they can accomplish more if they collaborate and help one another. From the get go, ensure everyone understands the importance of what you’re doing, your mission and vision, and how it fits into your company’s overall goals.
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2. Hold Regular Meetings

Have set weekly meetings. You can use GotoMeeting, or Zoom, or Skype for this. These meetings last approximately half an hour. Ask your team members for a brief report of the past week’s highlights and accomplishments as well as their next set of goals. We don’t use this meeting to manage projects or coordinate anything – it’s purely to help everyone stay in the loop, see each other’s faces, and hear each other’s voices.
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3. Set Recurring Tasks

Create a list of things that your team members do for you. Put the recurring tasks in one column, and the not recurring tasks in another column. You’d be amazed how many of the things on your list will be under the recurring column.
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4. Improve Your Communication for a Great Team

Communication in any workplace is important. If you happen to be the manager or CEO of your business, it goes to say that you won’t have enough time to run after everyone in your team for answers. Having a good communication system is important to have to make sure you have the answers and solutions to problems when you need them.
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5. Welcome New Members Who Are Better and Smarter Than You

Don’t be scared to get people who are better than you and you have the skills and talents that you don’t possess. Don’t be insecure. Having employees or team members who are best at what they do will tremendously help you achieve your company’s goals.
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6. Exercise Empathy and Compassion

When you practice empathy and compassion, performance of your employees will greatly improve. People will be more engaged and your business will be more profitable.
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Integrating these six tips into your team management plan will yield dramatic results. The smoother your team runs, the easier it is for you to focus on your priority tasks. The easier it is to build a more profitable business.