Increasing website traffic can be a tricky beast.  Most of the time we think to get traffic to my website I need to entice more people to come to my website.  However, we rarely think that the real problem is not getting new people to our site, but rather keeping the old ones coming back for more!

Here are some website traffic tips to help you continue nurturing your subscribers!

Nurturing your subscribers is about more than just being nice to your subscribers. It’s like when you start to discuss a TV show you all enjoy with your friends.

Say you all love reality TV shows and you discover you all love watching “Ace of Cakes“ on Food Network.  You don’t need any encouragement to agree how great the show is, or how much you enjoy the cake makers, the awesome designs they create, and the great tips from the cake makers.

Do you love the show for the tips and the things you learn there? Partly – because it really is helpful. But you also love the show because of its great format and it’s packed with value.

But it’s more than just the tips, or the bakers knowledge, that makes you feel like you’ve just become the next extreme cake maker when you watch the show every week.

It’s More Than Just The Tips, Or The Expertise

It’s the bakers’ enthusiasm, passion, joy, and how they clearly love being cake makers!  Duff is like a big kid playing with power tools and cake supplies like they naturally go together – and what’s more, he’s the sort of outgoing, friendly kid who lives to share his best presents with you.

Even his other bakers have that same child like innocence and love to share their creativity with everyone, which perfectly compliments Duff‘s personality and keeps you coming back to see how much bigger and better they can make cakes!

Are you still bringing that joy, creativity, and childlike enthusiasm to your website? How long has it been since you shared your products with people as if you are using them for the first time? Or are you trudging out your information with the same enthusiasm of the boring teacher from Ferris Bueller?

Increasing website traffic means you need to make your visitors really want to come back to your website. You want them knocking on your door everyday after school to ask you to come out and play, eager to see what you’ve got to share.

Go back to the beginning and rediscover the fun…

That’s the missing piece you might need to put back into your marketing strategy and therefore increasing website traffic. Keep the readers you’ve got interested– and they’ll do the work for you!

When the star of Ace of Cakes, Duff Goldman, started out he was just making cakes for his friends.  Two years later he had added friends, a store front, and a TV show which took off and lasted for 10 seasons.

He started out with only a handful of people who knew him and now he is recognized throughout the nation as the Ace of Cakes!  He did that with a lot of hard work, enthusiasm, generosity with his talent, and of course creativity.

So look for those two qualities – genuine enthusiasm and generosity in sharing a passion when trying to increase your website traffic. If the light has dimmed then take a “vacation” for yourself until you rediscover what lights you up like Duff Goldman, before you take on the task of further increasing website traffic.

There’s no point in working tirelessly trying to get new visitors when all you need is your passion for your business to get your current subscribers to do the work of enticing new subscribers!