Credibility is the key to getting people to buy from you. No matter how big of a claim you make about what you’re selling if you aren’t 100% credible then no one will be pulling out their wallet to buy from you.

You need to build your credibility with your customers both consciously and unconsciously. Potential customers are consciously making the decision to trust you or not and unconsciously getting a “vibe” of the site and deciding whether he trusts or distrusts you.

How can you increase your website’s credibility?

Here are a few smart ways.

Hacker Safe, BBB and SSL

People just feel more secure if you display these three logos: Hacker Safe logo, the BBB approved logo, and the SSL encryption certificate.

It might cost a lot to have these logos, but it will pay off in the end. For example, with Hacker Safe, there is a one-time up-front fee plus a monthly fee to have Hacker Safe test your system for security vulnerabilities.

With an established website and investment like this can only increase your website’s credibility and therefore increase your sales.

Feature News and Celebrity Relationships Prominently

Anytime you are mentioned in magazines, radio shows or newspapers, feature that prominently.

Put their logos in a visible place on your website. Just being mentioned in the New York Times is often enough to get someone to look more closely at your site.

Showcasing your celebrity relationships is another great way to increase your credibility. A celebrity is anyone who is important in your industry. So probably not Brittany Spears unless perhaps you’re in the pop music industry.

For example, if you run cooking website and a world-renowned chef gave yourcooking a thumbs up, put that on your site.

Smart Use of Testimonials

Don’t put all of your testimonials on your main page for the hard sell. Instead one or two strong and emotional comments placed on the main page of your website will go so much further.

Put the thousands of other testimonials you have received on your sales page. Once someone has made the decision to buy, they’re a lot less likely to be turned off by testimonials. They probably are really interested in reading about other people’s experiences at this point to make sure they are making a wise investment in you.

Utilize Related Statistics and Studies

It doesn’t have to be studies on your product. Any study related to your product can be used to boost your credibility.

Let’s say you’re selling a math tutorial. You could prominently feature a study done by Harvard Med that showed the average student could increase their math facts in just two weeks with proper training.

Even though the study wasn’t done with your program it will still lend credibility to learning from your techniques because it was a study within your industry.

These are a few ways to improve your website credibility smartly. What these techniques do is consistently and intelligently showcase the most compelling and trust-building aspects of your business. Just remember to follow up with your plan to see what’s really working best.