Most online customer follow up campaigns start with an opt-in on a blog, website, or squeeze page. The new subscriber must provide contact details in order to get your free gift of “How to Create A Follow Up Marketing Plan“ ebook.

Nowadays, most people are aware that this is just a part of business. But if your customer is not familiar with internet marketing, he may feel surprised and annoyed… or “held for ransom”.

But he really wants that “How to Create a Follow Up Marketing Plan” ebook. So, hesitantly, he types in his name and email address and now he has become your newest subscriber. Now you need to use these email marketing tools to keep him on as a subscriber and not turn him off.

Making First Contact

You want to make sure you keep him by giving him simple to follow instructions and not making him have to opt-in a lot. The simpler the better because right now he’s after one thing and one thing only. Your free gift!

Now that your “thank you” message has gone out, your next step is to give him his gift. And your freebie better really delight him. He should feel so happy with it, he’s looking for more of your products or freebies right away.


Next, at the most perfect moment, you need to come back and offer him your next book in the series, “Email Marketing Tools“– whatever best compliments your opt-in gift. This one, however, is for a small fee that fits into his budget (which you will know because you know your market and what they have paid for similar ebooks).

 While he’s still thinking about it, you start sending him your email marketing tools and information, portraying yourself as a trustworthy “friend”. Once you have sent enough of these for him to feel that the exchange is not one-sided, you can present your next, perfectly tailored offer.

He would normally click on that page right away, but then his son swallowed a penny and he needs to rush him to the hospital because it appears to be obstructing his airway. So in a few days you quietly send him a friendly customer follow up reminder email which he appreciates now that things have died down and he can place his order.

You should always be thinking about your customer as you are setting up your opt-in offers. Think about what might happen to him from the time he decides to put his contact information into your subscription to the moment you get him hooked and ready to purchase his first product from you.


Follow these simple email marketing tools, and you’re well on your way to creating not just a one-time customer, but a long time frequently purchasing customer and fan.

If you still have questions, we provide free consultations to discuss your needs.