How to Better Appreciate Clients

How to better appreciate clients? Isn’t it true that whether you run an offline or online business, promotion materials are always wonderful incentives to give to clients or customers? Don’t you agree? It is also a fun way of marketing your business. Moreover, in certain situations, you can offer items as incentives and a gesture of appreciation but you can also sell them the same things and give them away as prizes.

Below are some ideas you can apply to show your clients you appreciate them:

  1. SendOutCards – There are a lot of services like this now, but this is probably one of the first. It can be set up automatically. It will send out cards to your list through the mail. This is a wonderful idea for one-on-one client relationship programs, group coaching and other small inner circles or organizations. When you get them a branded birthday card, it will help make them feel special and appreciated by you and your company.


  1. T-shirts – I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love wearing t-shirts with clever sayings. Try sending one to your  new clients as a thank you and see how much they will appreciate it.


  1. Gift Certificates – You can give these to clients who have been with you and have even referred you to another paying client. Then maybe, they can also use it to buy some of your products or services or use it to cut their bill. Plus, you would still be making money because you only offer this when you get paid by the new client or customer that they referred.


  1. Pens and Pads – If you know that your clients love to write with  a pen instead of their phone or laptops, why not send them a nice pen as a gift? They will surely appreciate you for it. 


  1. Custom USB Flash Drives – Instead of handing out business cards, hand out or mail these to important clients. Put something special on the Custom USB so that when they plug it in to their device, they get to learn more about your business. Make it usable too.


  1. Gift Cards – When you track the kinds of things your clients like, you can easily determine what kind of gift card they’d like. Send these out with personalized cards and messages so that they remember who gave it to them.


  1. Calendars – Giving a customized calendar to a client can really be wonderful. Instead of random images on the calendar, you can also use inspirational quotes, tips and motivational information that can help your client each time they look at it.


How to better appreciate Cclients? The trick is to pick something that your clients will enjoy or find useful. This will surely put a smile on their face as they think fondly of you. Doing so will also make them feel so grateful for you each time they use the item you have sent. And when things get overwhelming for you to handle all these sending to do, you can always get a virtual assistant to help you.